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The Devil & Sons payment plan


The Devil & Sons payment plan aims to make it simple for people to buy a Devil & Sons guitar direct from us. The payment schedule can be flexible to suit to you and discussed in advance with Devil & Sons.


We don’t make additional money from spreading the payments over a period of time, all we ask is that by the end of the agreed period the full amount of the agreed price is paid –this is the price that the guitar is advertised at on the Devil & Sons website including postage. For example, if a guitar is advertised at £2000 GBP on the site you can split the total over any amount of payments over the agreed time period – it could be 4 instalments of £500 paid every two weeks, or 10 instalments of £200 paid weekly. Normally we ask that the payments are spread over three months maximum, but a six month plan is also possible for the more expensive guitars.


Payments will be made via PayPal who can deal direct with currency conversion. You can select the amount to pay via the following link, or we can set up an invoice with direct links for each amount:


As soon as the first instalment has been received the guitar will be taken off of sale, the first instalment essentially acting as a holding deposit.


Once the final instalment and therefore the full price of the guitar has been paid we will send the guitar to you. Devil & Sons will not pass a guitar on to any customer until the full agreed price has been paid.


If you are unable to finish paying off the guitar in the agreed period please contact us direct on [email protected] to discuss extending the final date. If you pull out of buying the guitar Devil & Sons will keep the paid instalments up to 50% of the guitar cost to cover the loss of potential sale from the guitar no longer being advertised online. Any amount paid over the 50% full price will be refunded via PayPal to the account that made the original payments.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions around the payment plan.