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Xenomorph III


Description: In Space no one can hear you shred.

Created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Alien 3, The Xenomorph III is a work of art you can play. The body is covered in clear resin sculpted to represent the saliva and drips from the iconic Alien vs Ripley scene, where the Xenomorph leans in on Ripley but doesn’t kill her, instead realising she is carrying an Alien Queen inside her.

The Xenomorph III is a hand customised guitar with a resin and epoxy putty sculpted hand-painted Alien Xenomorph head along the top of the guitar body. The lower horn forms the bottom jaw and teeth, allowing the neck to protrude from the open mouth. The headstock is also hand painted and sculpted creating the extended mouth in true H.R. Giger Alien style.

Video Demo:

Serial Number: XEN03

EAN: 0644221070505

Type: Guitar

Body: Paulownia wood with resin cast additions and hand sculpted epoxy putty details. The finish is hand painted with clear casting resin ‘saliva’ and a nitrocellulose finish.

Scale: 648mm / 24 Frets

Neck Wood: Maple, Shallow C Contour

Finger Board: Rosewood with Dot Position Inlays

Hardware: Black (Silver Anodised)

Bridge: Floyd Rose style

Pickups: 2 x Humbuckers

Controls: 1x Volume, 1x Tone, 3-Way Pickup Selector Switch

Weight: 5.4Kg

Dimensions (Length x Width x Body Thickness): 105cm x 39.5cm x 4.5cm (main body – 10 cm at widest part of sculpted head)

Extras: Custom Flight Case


This guitar only ships to UK and EU destinations due to rosewood shipping restrictions - please get message if you are interested but live outside of these areas.

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