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Protoncaster MkI

£1,999.00 (Coming soon)

Model: Protoncaster Mk I


"Holy crap!!! Dang, you guys are good." - Paul Feig, director of Ghostbusters commenting on the Protoncaster Mk I.

The only guitar to bust ghosts with, just don’t cross the streams.

Featuring red lights in the main protonpack body and red led chaser on the headstock, a space to house an individual effects pedal on the upper horn, cliplock strap, red strings, and a double-humbucker, the Protoncaster Mk I is the latest in movie inspired creations from Devil & Sons.

Video Demo:

Video of the Protoncaster Mk I being built:

Serial Number: Proton01

Type: Guitar

Bridge: Fixed headless tuner

Pickups: Dominator from Warman Pickups (double humbucker)

Controls: Master volume, master tone, pick up on/off toggle for both humbuckers, kill switch toggle, kill switch momentary button, effects loop in/out


Body mount for single effects pedal. The Protoncaster Mk I comes supplied with Air Traffic Invader from Rainger Effects.

Strung with red Devils from DR Strings (they are actually red).

Also supplied with a neon orange cliplock strap from DiMarzio

Decorating the fretboard is a .007mm thick PET (polyethylene terephthalate) proton stream decal.

Supplied with: Custom built flightcase

*NOTE: We are waiting on the custom flightcase - this guitar will be ready to ship early september

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